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Link Exchange Program

Boost your website traffic and Google Page Rank by linking with

Before you request link exchange, please ensure that your site fulfill the following criteria:

  • You may suggest a new category here Add Category
  • The page where our url appears must not be a dynamic page with such symbols as "?&".. "=".. "%"
    (Search Engines find it difficult to index this type of web pages)
  • The link text to Survey.Saanvi.Org must link to without re-direction
  • The page where our url appears must not contain more than 50 outgoing links. (Too many external links will be treated as "Link Farms" by search engines)
  • Link trade pages on your website must be accessible from your homepage.
  • No banned sites ; No gambling; No Porn
  • Only high quality sites with quality content
  • We reserve the right to refuse the link exchange and/or to remove links we deem inappropriate.

    Please follow the two simple steps below to get started

Step 1 

Place our link  your website


Your Page will display following link.

Free Paid Surveys Directory of free online Paid surveys.

Your Page will display following link

Survey.Saanvi.Org - Free Paid Surveys

Step - 2

Use the form below to submit your link. Please place a link to our site on your links page before submitting this form.

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